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Crack The Code

These actions will help my music to get playlisted and reach more ears!

We go again!

This worked so well with Pink Sky Moon, the more the song was repeated, playlisted, hearted, saved and shared, the more Spotify recommended it to others. This is again the most important section of the tasks page.

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Sound the alarm

Beat the drum so that all can sing along!

In a world saturated with content, word of mouth is more powerful than ever!

Personally recommending Astronaut to those who are unfamiliar with my music or unaware I am releasing again will be an incredibly effective way of reaching our target. I've set out some ways you can let your friends & family know just how much they need to hear this song!

'You must listen to this...'

Some suggestions of how you can recommend to your friends & family!

Thanks for helping me sound the alarm!


Show some love



There are a few new reviews and interviews that have been published recently. It's really important that these writers and publications feel the love from the Tribe as it will encourage them to write further stories about future releases! Where you can, please like and comment on these articles and posts :)

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